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10,000 KM: A belated beginning.

24th December, 2014. After toying with the possibility for the 2 years past, I made a decision: I’d take part in the Rapha Festive 500. 

And when I did, I quickly figured something out. The distance I’d covered in the 6 days it took me to complete equated to 11% of my total distance for the entirety of 2014. 

That’s a fair old chunk. 

Still riding the wave of whatever it was that the Festive 500 had given me, I made the irrational decision to simply double the amount of distance I’d eaten up in 2014 and, to compound the arbitrary nature of that decision, bring it up to the closest round number:

10,000 kilometres. 

Why? No reason, really, other than the fact that I love to cycle. I relish being outside. I enjoy using my bike to take me to new, interesting and undiscovered (to me, at least) places. I like the fact you can cover such vast distances with a set of pedals beneath your feet that you simply cannot whilst walking or running. I take pleasure in the conviviality and social nature of group rides.

And of course, there’s the rest stops: always an indulgence and often at least half the reason I set out in the saddle in the first place. 

There’s a reason this blog is a little late in the making. I was out all of January following a leg injury and I started to wonder whether I’d even manage the amount of distance I did last year. 

Thankfully, I’ve been back on the bike for a solid month and am avidly making up for lost time. 

From here on in, I’ll be using this as a place to wax lyrical on my progress, but to also reflect on my time spent out riding. In part, it’s a way of capturing those moments that I accumulate almost every time I hit the road, but quickly forget as I begin planning the next one. 

Join me, won’t you?