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The days are as long as they're going to get and we want to make the most of that. 

Our latest event sees us heading to the seaside and back again, as we depart from London and make a b-line for Brighton before returning to London via Ashdown Forrest and Royal Tunbridge Wells. 

As the tail-backs and tower blocks of London fade away, they'll give way to wild flower-lined lanes, expaneses of green and -- weather permitting -- excellent views.

We want to have as many people involved as possible and so will have two groups of different paces heading off half an hour apart. The first, departing at 07.00, will average a pace of c. 21-22kph, whilst the second, departing at 07.30, will average 25-26kph. 

We'll reconvene over coffee at each rest stop. 

The planned route offers the opportunity to end the ride at three different distance points if you're not comfortable (or available) for the entire distance. Fast and frequent trains back to London will allow riders to call it a day at either of our two rest stops in Brighton (c. 105km) or Royal Tunbridge Wells (c. 160km) if they don't want to roll all the way back to London and complete the 220km loop.  

Our first stop will be at the expceptionally named cycle cafe n+1 Cafe, where 10kkm riders will be able to enjoy a well-deserved, sandwich, cake, energy bar and coffee for £6.50. Our second stop lies on the other side of Ashdown Forest at the ever-excellent The Velo House.

All abilities welcome.  


Roll out: 07.00 and 07.30

Meet & Finish: Evans Cycles, London Bridge South Side

Distance(s): c. 220km (with 105km and 160km options)

Speed(s): 07.00 Group: 21-22kph || 07.30 Group: 25-26kph

Elevation: 2,843m


- Bidons (filled with water or a liquid of your choosing)
- 2 x inner-tubes
- 1 x hand pump or similar
- Ride snacks (just in case)
- Credit/Debit Card & Cash
- Mobile phone (with Strava/Garmin route saved)

N.B. This ride will be unsupported and un-signposted. We will ride together and we will have fun, but ultimately you are responsible for yourself and your equipment. You'll be riding at your own risk. Ride safely, ride consideratlely and respect other road users and cyclists.