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2016 is a leap year. 

That means you're being the equivalent of a bonus day; 24 extra hours to shave just that little bit more distance off your milestone. An extra opportunity to ride the roads you love. Another chance to feel the climate softening and the temperature rising. 

You have one more day. How are you going to use it?

To celebrate, we're going to hosting a double-headed ride out of our London base. 

On Monday morning, we'll meet on Putney Bridge at 06.30 sharp and head on to Richmond Park to dodge deer, chase the sunrise and get in some pre-work laps. 

Come sundown, we’ll keep in central with laps of Regent's Park from 18.45.

RSVP for either (or both) rides below. 

Not in London? Good.  

Why not ride 29km on the 29th wherever you are? Organise your own group ride. Head out on your own. Find others nearby that are looking to do the same.

Push past the morning commute, do something different and keep putting in the distance.