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It's not about winning and it's not about the stats. It's not about being the best. 

It's about putting in the distance, consistently. It's about the roads, the journey and the rest stops. 

It's not about going fast. It's about going far. 


1,000km. The beginning. Just 20km each week could kick-start something bigger and have you into 4 figures in 12 months. 


5,000km. The next step. A half-hour commute each working day will be enough to bring you up to 5,000km by the years end. 

10,000km. Where it all began. It's no mean feat, but it's achievable: a weekly average of 193km will take you across the line. 

20,000km. The reserve of the few, requiring remarkable dedication. With 385km to cover each week, your bike is your only mode of transport and perhaps your only hobby from now on.  

15,000km. Pushing on. You've probably been hitting big numbers for a while already. Our advice? Start getting the kms in early.

25,000km. Following some big efforts from collective members in previous years, we introduced a new milestone. 481km a week, anyone? Keep on pedalling on...